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If you’re a jazz lover and want to look upon the contemporary face of jazz royalty, take a moment to go check out Rita Edmond. Ms. Edmond moves between sultry sophistication, hard driving swing, and childlike innocence without any effort at all. Rita clearly distinguishes herself as one of those rare individuals who was born to do exactly what she’s doing. Her ballads are lush with sultry passion, personal depth, and individuality. You can't “learn" to sing like Rita Edmond. You either have it, or you don't, and there's only one or two lucky few in a generation who do - but Rita Edmond, like Sarah Vaughan, is one of those lucky few.

"It's not often that a vocal album suggests the near-certitude of future greatness, but Rita Edmond, is of that rare ilk. Backed by a four octave range. Rita recalls two of the all-time greats, reflecting the vocal power and majesty of Sarah Vaughan, the impeccable timing and phrasing of Carmen McRae, and the intense, natural musicality of both. "
— Christopher Loudon, JAZZTIMES MAGAZINE

Edmond allows us to hear just how smoothly yet clearly she sustains notes. Velvet doesn't begin to describe the resultant harmonious tones. The beauty of the purity of her voice comes through, in the most highly delicate and delicious way. For those who aren't jaded from listening to standards being done ad-nausea by other artists, Edmond will come as the most refreshing breeze nature can conjure up. "
— Thomas R. Erdmann, Jazz Revie

Some of the most powerful emotional, soulful singing and jazzy phrasing and arrangements in the late 2000's are coming from indie artists like Rita Edmond.
All Music Gudie_ Jonathan Widran

Rita Edmond is a superior jazz singer who is on the brink of great success.

The sweet sounds of modern jazz are abundant in Rita Edmond. Her voice is without many peers, and her sound will take you back to the days of Ella and Miles. She takes the standard and zips it up for a modern audience while paying homage to a classic track.
— Christopher Llewellyn Adams, Cashbox Magazine Review

The lovely singer has a four octave range and a voice that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your perspective of a true jazz vocalist. You can hear the exemplary intonation, phrasing and resonance that comes from years of training and honing her craft.

The entire album showcases the excellence of Edmond in a way you've sure to remember.
— Sounds of Timeless JAZZ

"As I listened to Rita Edmond sing on her album A Glance At Destiny, you feel the warmth and strength of the lyrics in her voice, never going too overboard. Her voice is controlled and that's how the album is, everything is methodical, done with tender loving care. What you hear is someone with talent and grace, who understands the songs and the important interaction between singer and musicians, and how to convey that into a proper sounding recording. If this is only a mere Glance, I'm ready to join her on her life's mission. "
— John Book, This is Book's Music

A great CD!
Rita is an excellent vocalist and Ricky Woodard is one of my favorite saxophonists. A rhythm section to die for which includes Tootie Heath, is too much!
Clearly, I like this cd very much.
Thank you for sending this music to me!
— Peter Kuller, Radio Adelaide - Adelaide, Australia

A Glance at Destiny: A classy vocalist with some real jazzbos in tow and a familiar yet fun set card adds up to a kicking back good time from an under the radar pro that knows how to deliver. Edmond simply is a good time throughout. Check it out.
— Chris Spector - Midwest Record